Why hire me for your birthday

4 reasons to hire me as your Houston birthday party photographer

Sandra's 50th-7117.jpg

Sandra's 50th birthday at 1111 Studewood Place in Houston

Your birthday party is coming up and you want it to be epic. You've thought about hiring a birthday party photographer, but think maybe you don't want to make the extra expense and think you can just do it yourself. While that may technically be true, you'll struggle with it.

If you're having a birthday party in Houston, here are 4 reasons you should me as you photographer:

1. You'll actually get to enjoy yourself
At your party, there's too many things going on. Between greeting guests and catching up with old friends to making sure sure everyone is fed and that things are running smoothly, it will be hard to stop and take selfies with your sorority sister and continue taking care of things. In fact, you won't have as much fun.

By hiring me you can actually enjoy yourself and be present with your guests. I will be around you, ready to snap photos of you with you family and friends. All you have to do is pose, and then continue having a great time. 

2. Your photos will be high quality
Your birthday is a very special occasion - one that you'll always want to remember. You don't want to look through your phone and see pictures that were grainy, blurry or dark because of poor lighting, or ones of you blinking or making an awkward face.

No, I'll take pictures with my professional camera.

3. They'll actually look good
I have some professional equipment to take good photos better than any cell phone, such as:
- a variety of lenses, such as wide and zoom, that can give a blurred background to focus on what's in front
- an external flash for additional lighting
- edited in softwares light Photoshop and Lightroom to further enhance them

I'll also tell you how and where to stand, if needed, and will compose the photo in the most flattering way. Your photos will also be taken in variety of angles -- high, low, near, far -- to make them more unique and interesting. 


A mother smiles candidly at her daughter's first birhday

4. Special candid moments will be captured
I'm highly observant, which means your photos will be filled with moments that were tender, loving, and full of energy. Some examples: 

- You and your spouse are having a special moment where you're gazing at each other on the dance floor as your guests watch. I'll capture that, as well as the reaction of your guests smiling admiringly at you.

- Your grandmother is there. She's the heart of the family. She's getting older, so spending as much time with her as possible is critical. If you give me a heads up about her, he'll be sure to capture photos of her with other family members and having a great time. 

- Your childhood friend shows up -- one your haven't seen in years. You're reminiscing about the good old days and recounting your epic tales. This leads to lots of joy and laughter. I'll capture both posed and candid shots of you guys in the moment. 

- Your little nephews and nieces are dancing around in circles to "Shake it Off"by Taylor Swift and being silly on the dance floor. I'll get some adorable shots of that. 

- Your mom comes up and wraps her arms around you like she did when you were a kid. I'll capture that special moment without you even knowing it. 

- All the people you love gather around you to sing happy birthday. You're lost in the moment as you look at all your loved ones. I'll snap photos of your happy tears and smiles, as well as guests singing and clapping for you as you blow out the candles. Priceless. 

So, why hire me as for your birthday party?
Your event is too special to not get it captured properly. You already have too much on your plate to have to deal with the photography.

It's ok to delegate the photography to a professional photographer so you can simply enjoy yourself be present with your guests. Then, once the photos are ready, I'll send you a link to a nice online gallery of photos to download, share on social media, or print into an album.

The photos will tell the story of your birthday party, with you in most of the pictures having the time your life with your loved ones. I promise you it will be worth it.

You'll love going through pictures of yourself with everyone there and have proof that not only does everyone there love you, but they also had a blast celebrating their party with you. 

If you have a birthday party, or any other similar family event coming up, reach out to me. Let's talk about your plans and I'll share how I can take this load off of you and capture your special day.